Divinity and Diversity Conference – February 19-21, 2015

Registration to the conference is for 3 day tickets. It covers the cost of workshops, breakfast and lunch for all 3 days. Additionally, this automatically registers you for the leadership banquet on Thursday night at the Makoy center hosted by ISNA.

Conference description and schedule

The United States has been a deeply religious society since its inception.  Today, our religious landscape is changing as communities become increasingly diverse.  Americans are more likely to see temples and mosques down the road beside the church, and communities from all traditions are hearing services lead in English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, and more.   Particularly in this post-9/11 context, what does this increased diversity mean for religious leadership?

This February, join national and local interfaith leaders as we discuss what this diversity means.  The program, which will run from 1 pm on Thursday, February 19, through 1 pm on Saturday, February 21, will include interactive workshops and keynote talks about building and strengthening interreligious relationships and building resilient communities in America in the coming years.

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